Reduce CO2 emissions?
It’s simple with the Petrollo app !!

With the Petrollo app, all cars drive up to 30% more economically without technical modifications.
The app shows the saved fuel money and the CO2 reduction.

Try it for free?
Then download the Petrollo app and enter code D7A76.

Prefer your own app? It’s possible for just € 4! Upload your image now!


How to


Upload picture

Click on ‘Upload picture’. You can choose your favourite picture (Or logo, message or other image) from your own files. Click on a picture and then ‘open’. You will see your picture in the screen of the phone on the website. You can also upload a logo or a message. If it does not work, send us an email and we will help you.



If your picture is on the screen of the phone.  Go to Pay. Choose the payment method and pay. You will automatically receive your unique code to your email address. With this code you can open your version of the Petrollo app.

It is therefore important that you enter the correct e-mail address because that is where your code is sent to open your app!


Download the app

Once you have received your code, go to Google Play or the App Store and download the Petrollo app. Than you enter your code and you’ll see your picture in the screen of your smartphone when you drive and freewheel.


Rolling out

When you approach a traffic light or a roundabout, you let your car roll out in neutral gear. The speed decreases very slowly so you do not hinder the traffic behind you. You drive but you use less gas. That lowers the CO2 emissions of your car and saves fuel. All systems continue to function during rolling out: the brakes, the power steering etc.


Download the free Petrollo app in Google Play or the App Store and enter your code or the testcode D7A76 . Your picture stays in sight while you drive and freewheel.

The app indicates

The app registers the distance your car rolls out and calculates the reduced CO2 emissions and the saved fuel costs on the basis of our patented algorithm. The app should be used as an indicator and motivator. Not as a measuring instrument. The goal is to raise awareness about CO2 emissions.


It is best to place your smartphone in a holder on the front window or dashboard of your car. During driving and rolling out, the Petrollo screen must remain in sight. The app does not register anything if the logo is not in the picture. A good reason not to use social media in the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is freewheeling with a car?

Freewheeling is an effective way to limit CO2 emissions from cars. When you see that you have to stop or drive more slowly, you switch to neutral gear. You drive but the engine uses much less fuel than normal. The result is that the engine therefore emits much less CO2. A saving of 20 to 30% is possible! An additional advantage is the reduced fuel consumption. That saves money!

What is the principle of freewheeling based on?

When freewheeling in neutral gear, the car uses kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is a form of energy that an object has in itself because it moves. The mass and speed of the object determine the amount of kinetic energy. The car has mass (weight) and has speed due to driving. So you use the stored kinetic energy when you freewheel.

Will all systems continue to function while freewheeling in neutral gear?

Yes, all systems continue to function, the brakes, the power steering, the clutch etc. After all, you also switch 'over neutral' to a higher or lower gear?

Why freewheel in neutral gear?

You can freewheel in gear, but then your car comes to a halt fairly quickly. It is true that there is no fuel consumption then. In neutral gear, however, you make more 'freewheel' meters. The engine then uses very little fuel. Thanks to the longer freewheel distance, fuel consumption drops considerably.

Does the traffic behind you suffer from freewheeling cars?

No, thanks to the existing speed and the weight of the car, the speed decreases very gradually. And before you start freewheeling, you check the traffic behind you. So you drive much more alert.

Why does the app not register when the speed exceeds 70 km/hrs?

The Petrollo app has been developed for use within city areas. The maximum speed there is 80 km / hour and freewheeling is more rewarding thanks to the many stop points such as roundabouts and red traffic lights.

How does the app work?

When the car freewheels in neutral gear, the speed gradually decreases. With the help of the GPS satellite, the Petrollo app records the freewheel distance. The app calculates the reduced CO2 emissions and fuel savings via the built-in patented algorithm. The numbers are actual while you drive, shown in the app on your smartphone.

Accelerator is a money pump

If you freewheel with your car, the app shows how much money it saves. Taking your foot off the accelerator yields money! Because your car becomes kind of a soapbox. That also means that freewheeling makes you accelerate more relaxed. The the accelerator is a money pump. Accelerating too powerful means that your banknotes fly out of your exhaust pipe !



    The Petrollo app is developed to create CO2 awareness amongst drivers worldwide.
    Driving in a  CO2 and fuel costs reducing way is more fun and adds responsibility with your favourite picture in sight.
    The Petrollo app is designed to limit CO2 emissions from cars in a fun, effective and lucrative way. The app is not a measuring instrument but a means to raise awareness about CO2 emissions. It indicates and motivates.

    Our company is based in the Netherlands.
    Chamber of Commerce number 63303000
    VAT number: NL177732143B01

    Tel No: +31634824342  / +31633951392

    Roll out


    Stop moment

    Check the traffic in the front and behind you.
    You will always be more alert and therefore it’s more safe!


    Switch to neutral

    All systems continue to function, power steering, brakes, etc.


    Roll out

    Thanks to the speed and weight of your car, the speed decreases very gradually. You therefore do not hinder the traffic.

    Download the free Petrollo app on your smartphone in Google Play and the App Store and enter your unique code or the testcode E305E.
    Click on your provider on the right.